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Global Ambassadors

We are fortunate to have some very influential and passionate personalities lending their name to our cause. They are living a little on the wild side and helping us to spread the word.

Jimmy Barnes

Some know him as the lead vocalist of Cold Chisel, some know him as the most successful Australian rock singer, many know him as an Aussie battler and most know him as Barnesy. Now we can stick another description on him - Wildlife Warrior!

Barnesy has joined our team of Ambassadors to help raise the profile of wildlife in need. Australia Zoo has long been a favourite holiday destination of his and now he has taken his passion for wildlife to the next level. Good on ya, Barnesy!


Tim Dormer

Tim won over the hearts of Australia with his unique and cheeky personality to be crowned the winner of the popular reality series Big Brother. With his recognisable crazy mane of curls and infectious positive attitude, he has become a regular Radio and TV personality. Tim loves anything wild and is passionate about wildlife conservation, studying a Bachelor of Science in Biodiversity and Conservation while working in the entertainment industry. He is a regular visitor to Australia Zoo where he met his heroes, The Irwin's. Their amazing commitment along with staff at the Zoo and Wildlife Hospital inspired Tim to get involved and help the cause. Tim's mission in life is to encourage people to believe in themselves and make a difference in their world! He is thrilled to be a Wildlife Warrior global ambassador!

The Veronicas

Twin sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso are The Veronicas, and are the hottest thing in Australia right now. Since the release of their debut album "The Secret Life Of", these young superstars have taken the Australian music industry by storm and their star is quickly rising overseas as well, seeing them feature in a US national tour with Ashlee Simpson.

Along with writing and performing their hit songs, Jess and Lisa also have a passion for wildlife, so upon visiting the Australian Wildlife Hospital during some downtime in Oz, they felt compelled to do something to help. Their involvement will help bring wildlife awareness to young people.


John Williamson

He holds to his name more great songs than is fair for one man to have written and defines the Australian character. His successful music career has spanned over 35 years. He has released 35 albums and won 23 Golden Guitars from the Country Music Awards of Australia. He is the Australian spirit and he is a Wildlife Warrior.

Over the past two years, John has made significant donations to Wildlife Warriors to help our Australian Wildlife Conservation projects, including the Australian Wildlife Hospital . This man is undoubtedly true blue.


Ellie Gonsalves

International model, aspiring Victoria's Secret angel and local Brisbane girl Ellie Gonsalves is the newest global ambassador for Widlife Warriors.

The avid animal lover recently toured the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and said she felt compelled to make a difference to the future of the native animals she was fortunate enough to grow up around.

Ellie recently visited Australia Zoo for a cheeky conservation-themed photo shoot, to be featured in a charity calendar to raise money for conservation projects both here in Australia and around the world.


Elissa Sursara

Wildlife expert, journalist, television personality and National Geographic contributor Elissa Sursara joined Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warriors as a global ambassador in 2012 to help spread Steve Irwin's important message: that education is the key to saving our precious wildlife. Supporting the zoo and the Irwin family - Bindi, Terri and Robert - Elissa encourages more than half a million people in her international audience to become warriors for important wildlife all around the world.

A biologist, Elissa has worked in Asia, Africa and Antarctica studying tigers, lions, apes and whales. Her 2009 rescue of a young orangutan from plantation fires in Malaysia made headlines around the world, forming the basis for her recognition as a young environmental icon. In 2012, she joined the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society at the invitation of friend and mentor, Captain Paul Watson, to work aboard the flagship vessel the Steve Irwin on a mission that would save more than 1000 whales from poaching in the Southern Ocean.

A journalist, Elissa has written about wildlife and the environment for some of the world's most high-profile groups and publications, including Participant Media, The Huffington Post and the Environmental Investigation Agency. She reports on wildlife, conservation and environmental politics for National Geographic's award winning news blog, News Watch, where much of her photography and commentary is featured.

A recurring cast member on Animal Planet's Whale Wars and a frequent pundit on radio, Elissa uses science, communications and her role as a global ambassador to the Wildlife Warriors to teach young people and their friends and families about endangered species, threatened habitats and all animals in crisis.


Nature Nic

Nature Nic is a prime example of just what can be achieved with a little perseverance and a whole lot of passion - at just eleven years of age, Nic has already raised over $65,000 for Tasmanian devil research and conservation. Through his own fundraising activities and initiatives such as Black and White Day, our youngest global ambassador has set out to raise awareness and funds to help in the fight against DFTD (Devil Facial Tumour Disease), which is currently decimating the Tasmanian devil population. Nic's dedication is clear to all with the recent publication of his very own book Making a Difference... It's as Simple as Black and White, and his hope and endeavour for a better future continues to be an inspiration to us all. Nature Nic epitomises the belief that one person really can make a difference.