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Crocodile Conservation

Tiger ConservationThey are misunderstood, they are an apex predator with only themselves and people to fear, and they are dangerous. But they are also ecologically important.

Crocodiles and alligators provide a direct link to this planet’s past; they are our modern-day dinosaurs whose biological capabilities have seen them survive when other species have disappeared. Unfortunately today, even they are under threat from the only race with the power to wipe out an entire species - humans. With human populations encroaching into crocodile territory, the conflicts between crocodiles and people has led to tragedy. Many species of crocodiles and alligators are classified as vulnerable or extinct.

Tiger Conservation

Australia Zoo is working on important research programs in Queensland (Australia) with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the University of Queensland to better understand the movements and habits of crocodiles, in an effort to facilitate the planning of community developments and potential animal relocation. The results from this research are already re-writing text books and will help to protect both crocodilian and human populations.

Crocodile rescue teams from Australia Zoo are also deployed from time to time to help relocate crocs that have strayed into public areas, as well as providing community education on living with these prehistoric giants.

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