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Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

Crocodile Research

Steve Irwin began formal crocodile research in 1996. His capture and study techniques remain world's best to this day.

Many of the world's species are in danger of extinction. A number of these threatened species are cared for by both Australia Zoo and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

Australia Zoo, in partnership with the University of Queensland (UQ) and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, are making monumental strides in the field of crocodilian research and conservation.

This world renowned research project focuses on capturing and tagging Estuarine Crocodiles (commonly known as "salties") in the Wenlock River and fitting them with GPS-Satellite transmitters to track their movements and habits in far north Queensland.

GPS transmitters record and track crocodile behaviour, their position and physiology. Data is transmitted by satellite back to the laboratory and displayed on Google Earth.

This vital research has uncovered the distances crocodiles move, their ability to return to their habitat after relocation and revolutionary findings on their ability to remain submerged, and their behaviour during flood events.

Each research trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve continues to break new ground in International Crocodile Research and is critical to managing the co-existence of crocodiles and people.

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