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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Call 1300 369 652 for all wildlife emergencies

Lyn’s dream realised
Located near Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland, Australia, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was opened in March 2004, inspired by the memory of Lyn Irwin (Steve’s mum), who was a pioneer in wildlife care in Queensland.

It was her dream to establish a wildlife hospital, and unfortunately this was not realised until after Lyn had passed away. Lyn’s dream now provides a lifeline for nature's innocent victims – her work lives on.

Victims of our own success!
The hospital is overwhelmed with patients and getting busier every day.  In November 2008 we were proud to officially open a new facility, Australia's largest wildlife hospital, to accommodate this growing need.

  • Nearly 100 wildlife emergency calls are received every day
  • Up to 30 different species are admitted to the hospital every day
  • Currently around 80 koalas undergoing treatment
  • Approximately 70% of patients are victims of car accidents or domestic pet attacks
  • The cost to treat one animal ranges from $100 to thousands of dollars

Wildlife Warriors to the Rescue!
Thanks to the support of our major sponsor, Australia Zoo, a dedicated rescue team operates from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, collecting sick, injured and orphaned koalas and other native wildlife within south-east Queensland. These patients are provided with first-class care and rehabilitation before being released back into the wild.

Animal Rehabilitation
The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital includes a veterinary facility with an intensive care room and laboratory, and separate holding facilities for males and females, and diseased and non-diseased koalas. There is also an orphan enclosure designed specifically to allow hand-raised koalas to develop climbing skills and minimise contact with human carers before being released back into the bush.

Working for a cause
The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has several full-time veterinarians on board, as well as a hospital manager, vet nurses and volunteers who all provide first-class care for sick, injured and orphaned animals.  The hospital team also undertakes research into koala diseases, migration patterns and wildlife health management, and consults on land clearing.

24 hour wildlife emergency phone:  1300 369 652
Rescue vehicles and staff are on call seven days a week. Please don’t let wildlife suffer – give us a call, we will take care of it!


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