Wildlife In Oregon

Living alongside wildlife can sometimes be difficult for humans.

Rescuing Wildlife in Need

Living alongside wildlife can sometimes be difficult for humans. But for wild animals, it can be deadly.


Terri grew up in Eugene and at age 20, had created her own wildlife rehabilitation organization, Cougar Country. Specialising in rehabilitating and releasing predatory mammals, Terri dedicated her time to preserving the wildlife of Oregon.


It wasn't long before Terri met the like-minded folks at Wildlife Images, a charity that focuses on conservation through education, and treating sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. When Terri met Steve and moved to Australia, it was Wildlife Images that took in Terri's cougar, Malina. The Irwin family have been long-time supporters of Wildlife Images, and we are excited to officially welcome them into the Wildlife Warriors family.


The wildlife hospital located at Wildlife Images treats around 1,000 animals each year. Taking in anything from owls to squirrels, skunks and cougars. Treating these animals is a costly exercise, and we're proud to be contributing to the treatment and conservation of North American species by supporting Wildlife Images.

A gift from you today will help provide lifesaving treatment to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Will you help us, help them?